Weight Loss

What Can You Expect From UniqueU Center For Weight Loss?

When evaluating a weight loss program, you want to know what to expect.  Although most patients anticipate weight loss, many want to know what kind of impact the program will have on their lives.  With UniqueU, most patients can expect:

  • Average weight loss: Since we tailor our weight loss program to individual patient needs, results vary from patient to patient. Like any effective medical weight loss program,  the patients who get the best results are the patients who are most serious about sticking with their personalized program. Contact us today to discuss our program and the results you can expect to achieve.
  • Post program success: you’ll learn how to modify your eating habits during the program for success upon program completion and beyond
  • Integrating the program into your life: the program is designed for busy executives and parents. We’ll help you integrate the Cincinnati weight loss program into your busy schedule!
  • Program length: because each plan is designed to meet your specific needs, program length will vary
  • Medically safe: the program was created by respected physicians who take your weight loss and safety needs into consideration

Learn more and contact the leading weight loss program in Cincinnati. Call UniqueU Medical Weight Loss & Wellness at 513-984-2700 today.

UniqueU – The Cincinnati Weight Loss Program That IS Different

How does this Cincinnati weight loss program differ from the rest? Instead of making the patient adjust to fit our program, we customize our program to meet your needs.

  • Customized: unlike other “boxed” plans, our program is built around your current weight, lifestyle and specific goals
  • Multi-phase program: each phase introduces new tools to help you shed weight and detoxify the body
  • Professionally tracked: we track and measure your progress and success during each visit
  • Geared for long term weight loss: our multidimensional approach sets you up for success not only during the program, but the months and years after the program ends
  • Proven results: ask our patients about their experiences—UniqueU changes lives every day